NGO-IDEAs Tiny Tools for Impact Assessment

Communities know a lot about the impact of development projects. They know much about how they made use of the projects, what changed and why it changed. Sometimes they find it difficult to express it. Sometimes they are tempted to tell outsiders what they think the outsider wants to hear. So we need to start a process in which community members find it interesting and beneficial to reflect on the change themselves in a systematic way, and be open and self-critical about it. When community members do this, they generate relevant and valid information. At the same time they become empowered to take more control of their realities.

The NGO-IDEAs Tiny Tools are a relatively simple and quick (“tiny”) way to achieve this. All the tools are structured and systematic, and they are widely tested: Experience shows that these tools lead to new insights, mobilise enthusiasm and increase the capacity of communities to bring about further change. The Tiny Tools therefore are in line with the Participatory Rural Appraisal approach. NGO-IDEAs provides an overview over a number of Tiny Tools and a few practical step-by-step guides.

Overview Tiny Tools (14 pages):
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For step-by-step-guides go to the following pages:

Tools for Analysing Trends, please click here.

Tools to Analyse Causes for Change, please click here.

Narrative Tools, please click here.

MAPP, a combination of Tiny Tools and the origin of the concept, please click here.