Causes for Change

Activity List

With Activity List a community compares the significance and effectiveness of different activities or projects. Community members list all project activities and sponsors as well as the population benefiting from the activities. They evaluate the importance of each activity concerning the quality of life of the members and discuss the capacities and resources needed for the implementation and maintenance of each of the activities.

Guide Activity List (4 pages, 270 KB) Download here.

Influence Matrix

The influence matrix looks both at the change, and at the causes for change. The strength of the influence of every project output (or external contribution) on each aspect of the quality of live is visualised and evaluated.

Guide Influence Matrix (4 pages, 190 KB) Download here.

Causal Diagrams

Causal diagrams are tools to understand the causes of a problem, or of an observed change. The cause are listed and the links drawn in diagrams. The relative weight of the causes can be rated.

Guide Causal Diagrams (6 pages, 350 KB) Download here.

For short descriptions of more tools, see the Overview Tiny Tools (14 pages, 900 KB) pdfIcon Download. More tools for understanding causes can be found in the NGO-IDEAs Impact Toolbox, click here and in the Manual Monitoring Self-effectiveness, click here.