NGO-IDEAs aims at:

  • Empowering community based organisations (CBOs) and the poor among the rural communities to use impact monitoring for project management; and thus contributing to the sustainability of their project activities
  • Empowering NGOs to further improve the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of their efforts by identifying best tools for impact Monitoring & Evaluation and best practices in the area of Savings & Credit
  • Making social changes more visible in implementing and funding NGOs thus improving the development policy work
  • Improving public recognition of NGOs and CBOs and their contribution to development.

Results of NGO-IDEAs:

  • Impacts of the NGOs’ activities, especially of the Savings & Credit programmes, are culled out and recognised.
  • Tools and methods for impact Monitoring & Evaluation that are particularly suitable for NGOs and CBOs are identified, refined and applied

Publications and Articles

  • Several articles on NGO-IDEAs project and its results from 2005 till 2007 have been published. Log on to "Publications and articles" for more information.

Examples from India, Bangladesh, East Africa and the Philippines