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Minutes of the International Symposium
"No Development without Self-Effectiveness" October 2011

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NGO-IDEAs produced five main documents:

NGO-IDEAs "Impact Toolbox"

The Impact Toolbox describes simple tools for participatory planning and monitoring of grassroots’ projects. It is designed to enable NGOs, groups and group members to steer a project to enhance positive outcomes or impacts, and reduce negative ones.

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NGO-IDEAs “How do they do it? – Civil Society Monitoring Self-effectiveness”: An NGO-IDEAs documentation of field experience

The publication presents descriptions of examples of outcome and impact analysis, which illustrate how development organisations can implement the impact toolbox in different ways and for various project types. There are more examples available online – about the Impact Toolbox, about a Tiny Tool and about various other ways in which NGOs have monitored and evaluated the impact of their projects. 

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Download ”How do they do it?”:
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NGO-IDEAs “Monitoring Self-Effectiveness“: A Manual to Strengthen Outcome and Impact Oriented Project Management

The Manual intends to support an organisation to focus its planning, monitoring and evaluation procedures towards increased outcome and impact orientation.

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Download the Manual “Monitoring Self-Effectiveness”:
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NGO-IDEAs "Tiny Tools for Impact Assessment"

Communities know a lot about the impact of development projects. The NGO-IDEAs Tiny Tools provide systematic ways for communities to reflect about change and document their knowledge. They are all relatively simple and quick (“tiny”) to apply. The Tiny Tools therefore are in line with the Participatory Rural Appraisal approach. NGO-IDEAs provides an overview over a number of Tiny Tools and a few practical step-by-step guides. Please click here. 

NGO-IDEAs GrafStat Guide

GrafStat is a simple and helpful software which can be used by development organisations to prepare their monitoring data for analysis. This guide focuses on applications and examples of GrafStat relevant for NGO-IDEAs.

For download of the GrafStat Guide (8 MB), please click here.

For download of the SAGE example (90 KB), please click here.

For download of the PAG example (70 KB), please click here.

The examples can only be used on a computer that has GrafStat installed. 

Review of NGO-IDEAs

A survey of partners in the Global South has been carried out shortly before the project closed. Partners were asked about utilisation, effects and suggestions for follow up of the NGO-IDEAs Toolbox. The vast majority of the NGO-IDEAs partners have responded. Their experiences on benefits and challenges of the Impact Toolbox application, and their ideas on how to continue working with this approach are documented in the report. The report shows that the participatory approach in impact assessment had a profound effect on the monitoring systems of many NGOs, and on the lives of people participating. The survey report can be downloaded here.


"Mein Wort zählt" (My word counts)

"Mein Wort zählt" (My word counts), the book about the experiences gathered during the process of NGO-IDEAs (NGO Impact on Development Empowerment and Actions) about the impacts of Savings & Credit programmes on the overall empowerment of women in India was released in 2007 . The book is available (in German language) in respective bookstores.

VENRO – Verband Entwicklungspolitik deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen (Ed.) 2007:
Mein Wort zählt. Mikrokredite: Kleines Kapital – große Wirkung. Brandes & Apsel.
ISBN: 978-3-86099-727-7