“How do they do it? – Civil Society Monitoring Self-effectiveness”: An NGO-IDEAs documentation of field experience

The examples in this publication tell stories of how NGOs have applied elements of the Impact Toolbox. They have been compiled in order to give people an idea of how the process works in practice. The examples show variations of the application of the tools in different sectors and project types. Organisations made their choices in a trial and error process identifying the most appropriate use and combination of the tools. They underwent a constant process of learning, and there are still options for improvement. Challenges and successes are being reported. In a concluding chapter, the experiences are analysed and perspectives for further conceptual development outlined.

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Further examples how participatory tools can be used by communities and NGOs have been documented. There are more examples of the toolbox, and some examples of other ways in which NGOs have monitored and evaluated the impact of their projects.

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Experience with the Impact Toolbox, please click here.

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