Manual: Monitoring Self-Effectiveness

The NGO-IDEAs "Manual” is meant to support organisations to design and focus their monitoring and evaluation procedures in order to increase the orientation towards outcomes and impacts. It intends to provide guidance to organisations about how to establish an outcome and impact oriented project management. NGO-IDEAs is dedicated to the common goal of creating inclusive monitoring systems, which promote the empowerment of all stakeholders involved. One basic assumption is that the awareness of the own effectiveness is motivating and empowering to initiate further action. The Manual is based on NGOs’ working experience and illustrates many examples from their practice of promoting self-help in various sectors. The applicability is, however, not limited to NGOs.

This Manual introduces participatory elements to enhance (self-) effectiveness. Step by step, the organisation’s management will be able to analyse whether existing elements of their monitoring system are designed in a way suitable for achieving relevant outcomes and impacts.

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